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Silver Bead Caps

Wholesale Mixed 1500pcs Tibetan Silver Flower Bead Caps For Jewelry Making DIY


15 Sterling Silver Spiral Bead Caps 925 Silver Hollow Bracelet Bead Spacer Caps


5 Sterling Silver Love Heart Bead Cap 925 Silver Bracelet Bead Hollow Spacer Cap


15 of 925 Sterling Silver Hollow Spiral Bead Caps for Bracelet Bead Spacers


2 Sterling Silver Flower Bead Cap Beads 8mm #97985


2 PC Sterling Silver Hammered Round Cone Bead / End Cap Cover 12.5mm #33027


Stainless Steel Silver Flower Bead Cap Round Filigree Basket Floral Deco 8 10mm


Bargain Vintage (925) Sterling Silver Flower Floral Quality Bead Caps 100 pc.


10 1980's Vintage Bali Bead caps Solid Sterling Silver Ornate Bead 10mm x 3.5mm


Antiqued Sterling Silver Hourglass / Double Cap Bead Spacer (Choose Size)




7267JW Bead Cap Mix Gold Silver Copper Steel Flower, 6mm for 6-8mm bead, 100 Qty


Bead Caps , Solid 925 Sterling Silver - 9mm (10 pcs)


7265JW Bead Cap, Cone, Silver Copper Gold plated Stainless Steel 7mm, 100 Qty


9253FX Bead Cap Cup Silver plated Brass, 8mm Flower, Bell, Star, Busket, 50 Qty


40pc Solid Sterling Silver 5mm Flower Floral Bead Cap Spacer #33034


Bali Sterling Silver Star Flat Stacked Bead Caps B564 (6) 7mm


20 PC Antiqued Solid Sterling Silver 7mm Hollow Floral Bead Cap Spacer #33804


20 Sterling Silver 4mm Fancy Scalloped edge Flower Design Bead Caps


30 PC Solid Sterling Silver ap. 6mm (5.8mm) Flower Floral Bead Cap Spacer #33035


7268JW Bead Cap Cup Mix Gold Silver Copper Steel Flower 7mm, 7-10mm bead 100 Qty


30 Bali Sterling Silver 6.5mm Star Bead Caps <750>


20 PC Antiqued Solid Sterling Silver Floral Bead Cap Spacer ap. 6mm #33826


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6" Strand Bali Sterling Silver 4x3mm Bead Caps <765>




50* Fancy Filigree Silver Cone Caps Fit 12-14mm Beads


Sterling Silver 5mm Flower Design Bead Caps Choice of Lot Size & Price


50 pcs Bali Sterling Silver 4.5x2mm Bead Caps <766>


Sterling 925 Silver Bead caps many styles beautifly Bali style crafted silver


40 Sterling Silver Flower Bead Caps 6mm w/ Gold Plated for Bracelet Bead Spacers


30 of 925 Sterling Silver Plain Bead Caps Spacer Beads 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm


6031FN Bead Cap Gold Silver ptd Brass, Filigree Cone, 12mm, 25 Qty and 100 Qty


100 Sterling Silver 925 Bead Caps 4.5mm


40 of 925 Sterling Silver Flower Bead Caps 6mm w/ Gold Plated for Bracelet


1PC Fine Sterling Silver Flower Bead Caps Pearl Holder 12mm #99280


Bead Caps Cones Silver Plated Fits 8 - 10mm Fancy Beads Jewelry Making Supplies


20PC Solid Sterling Silver 6mm Smooth Plain Bead Cap Spacer #33812


Karen Hill Tribe Silver Ruffled Bead Caps T147 (8) 13mm, 1.8mm Hole